Fota fåglar guide

Jag coppar och pejstar in den här fotoguiden från min förra blogg. Den är på engelska , men jag orkar verkligen inte översätta den. Så det blir lite svengelska.

Most birds have an ability to fly fast, so you have to be quick with the camera and use correct settings in the camera.

Tip: If you got a tele photo lens , USE IT! Birds are usually afraid of humans and with a tele photo lens you can get nice pictures far away from the bird without scare it.

First of all you got to find some bird/birds, not so difficult.( If you cant find any birds throw some breadcrumbs, it’s a delicacy for birds.

Now when you have find a bird aim with the camera and press down the shutter.

If your first bird photo looked bad, this is my first. . . Ye, you get it.

Canon EOS 500D. EF 70-200mm USM. ISO Auto 200. 200mm ,f4, 1/1250.

In this photo I had a bad angle, the focus was not on the bird and to long shutter speed, which made the photo blur.

After some hundred bad photos I finally got the result that I was looking for.

I now have focus in my photos which make the image much better!

The way the bird look at me makes the photo interesting and I think a got a nice angle.

This is the end of the How To Photograph Birds Guide!

I hope you have learn something from me and I which you all the best with your bird photographing.  See yaa!



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